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Job Opportunity

Some of us spend time thinking about a world in which we can pursue our passions without jeopardizing our futures. Many of us are part of that world. And we’re always on the lookout for new talent to help us change the game.

Join the #AstridaTeam and become a part of a company that does more than just do your work. We collaborate with you to do what is best for your career and society as a whole.

If you are interested in applying, send your cover letter and resume to 

Manila, Philippines

Technical Roles

• Server Development Manager
• Java Expert/Manager
• Front-End Expert/Manager
• Network Engineer
• UI Designer
• Test Specialist
• Front-End Developer
• Back-End Developer
• Android Developer
• iOS Developer
• Java Developer
• Illustrator
• Motion Design Specialist
• Senior/Expert Penetration Engineer
• Full Stack Developer Senior Analyst
• Full Stack Developer Supervisor

Manila, Philippines

Business Management Roles

• Project Manager
• Product Manager
• Data Analytics & Visulization Associate or Analyst
• Business Intelligence Developer Analyst or Senior Analyst
• Business Support Centre Analyst or Senior Analyst
• Resource Management Associate or Analyst
• Document Development Associate or Analyst
• Campus Recruitment Manager
• Digital and Innovation Leader
• Quality Management for Small Enterprise Associate
• Quality Management for Small Enterprise Analyst
• Quality Management for Small Enterprises, Senior Analyst
• Quality Management Small Enterprise Analyst Supervisor
• Quality Assurance Analyst
• Quality Assurance Senior Analyst
• Quality Assurance Supervisor
• Quality Assurance Manager
• Reporting & Insight Analyst